Enrolling on DE100

OU update 🙂


So, this week I took the decision to enrol onto my next module, DE100 – Investigating Psychology. This module is a Level 1 introductory module to Psychology and I can’t tell you how pleased and excited I am to finally know that I’m going to be studying the topic I originally signed up for. No discredit to DD102 Social Sciences, it’s been OK considering it covers such an enormously broad range of topics, but psychology is what I signed up for and considering how much I’ve enjoyed the psychology aspects of DD102 I’m really looking forward to starting this module and getting more of an insight in to psychological research and the human mind.

Initially I was thinking about taking a break between DD102 completing and DE100 starting (as there is a second opportunity to start the module in February, like I did with DD102), but doing that I knew…

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Internet forums and friends – part 2

A number of months ago I began a post about the beginnings of my online life on internet forums. The purpose of which was actually to share why I think online and 'virtual' friendships are just as valid as 'real-life' friendships. Note the inverted commas there, because there's nothing virtual about a genuine friend you've … Continue reading Internet forums and friends – part 2

Busy day

A superbly busy day, twinned with it being 'back to work' tomorrow means that there isn't always time to get a blog post typed up. So this is today's effort, I'm afraid! Enjoy this Bible verse instead of listening to my ramblings! 😊