Chilling out after a long day at work

Whether it's been a long day of work because of the amount of hours, or everybody you encountered pushed your buttons, we all have days where switching off from work is really tough. Things roll around in your head - either things you still need to do, or things you've already done, or the disaster … Continue reading Chilling out after a long day at work


Busy day

A superbly busy day, twinned with it being 'back to work' tomorrow means that there isn't always time to get a blog post typed up. So this is today's effort, I'm afraid! Enjoy this Bible verse instead of listening to my ramblings! 😊

Receiving my first TMA result and submitting my second TMA


Time is flying by guys! So much so that I just haven’t had the opportunity to update the blog as to my progress!

Just over a couple of weeks ago the email landed in my inbox to say that my TMA was marked and ready to pick up. I can’t quite put into words the immediate nerves I felt. My first assignment since I finished A-levels 10 years ago, what if I’d completely flopped it? What if I hadn’t actually understood a single word of what I’d been studying for those first 4 weeks?

Fortunately, I was really pleased with my result. All I really wanted was to pass (40%) and so to find that I’d got a mark that I was really happy with as well as ‘just passing’ was such a relief.

And so we moved on to TMA02. My second assignment was already instantly longer than the…

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