Race for Life


So, a couple of weeks ago I signed myself up for my first Race For Life. There are two main reasons for this:

1. The least selfish reason is that I do want to do something for someone/something else. Our lives are so engrossed in doing things for ourselves for our own gain – which is the way the world works. So little time is spent on doing anything for other people. I see other people go off to other countries and do fantastic charity work, and that’s something I wish I had in me, but I don’t feel I do. However, cancer is something that effects loads of people everywhere, and it’s a cause I feel affiliated with. Thousands of women run/walk/hop/skip this race, and if they can do it- why can’t I do my bit as well? Plus, I do it in memeory of those I know that have lost their battle with cancer and those currently fighting; and when you think about what they’ve been through or are currently going through, you realise that 5k isn’t that much hard work to raise some money to help to go towards finding treatments drugs and other help for them.

And 2. I was looking for a short race that I could use as a target for my own fitness – so perhaps there is some selfish in there somewhere. But choosing to do this event, where there’s no pressure to run it all and still raise some money, seemed like an ideal opportunity.

So, Sunday 16th June I’ll be running (hopefully)my way through 5k, raising some money in the process and running alongside lots of other women doing the same! Fingers crossed I actually get off my lazy bum between now and then 😉

Join me?

Sponsor me?


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