True Colours

This song has been going round and round in my head for weeks. No matter what else I listen to, this one is sticking there at the forefront. It’s a beautiful song, with lovely lyrics that just enforce the importance of being who you are. To me, it provides a reminder that although I might not be everyones cup of tea, and that I have my flaws (like everyone) but I am unique and that there are some people that don’t mind me for exactly who I am. And no matter what makes anyone ‘stand out’ (or blend in) from the crowd, they are their own individual person, with their own quirks and traits that are totally unique. Perhas our society would be a nicer place if everyone just accepted that.

Anyway, with friends and aquaintances of mine going off into the world again this year (it seems to be a September thing!) it’s easy to slip into thinking I have nothing of interest about me, I haven’t been here or there or done this or that. But then, perhaps I’m happy with that too. Seeing the world would be nice and all, however I’m beginning to realise that this is me. I’m safe, shy and easily contented. Most would say boring, but I prefer a quiet contemplater. Just because every thought that comes into my head isn’t shared with everyone around me doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in there. Although, if you tap quietly you will find an odd hollow sound. I’m sure that’s perfectly normal 😉

Isn’t it strange how the term “true colours” is often used in such a negative way, and maybe that’s why this song is so refreshing. How often do we hear ourselves or others say “They’re really beginning to show they’re true colours now” in such a bad way if someone slips up or repeatedly makes the same irritating mistake. I know this is an area I need to work on, I know I’m just as quick to judge and whinge about someone as much as anyone else. However, a conversation with someone recently made me realise that life isn’t easy for anyone, and even those who look the most ‘sorted’ or outgoing have had to fight to get to where they are. No-one has an easy ride in life, or a smooth road. A little consideration for why people are how they are, and how they got to where they are, can go a long way.

And when I hear this song, that’s what I want to try to recall. And everytime that tune goes round in my mind (as it has every day for the last fortnight) I’m hoping it’ll prove a reminder to me that no-one is perfect. Least of all me and I still have a lot of work to do to be a nicer and more tolerant person.


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