Because everyone’s a little self-obsessed, right?

Second day off this week and I feel like I’m on holiday…or skiving. I’m not skiving PLEASE DON’T DOB ME IN! Haha.

Actually, I wanted to tap a little bit about me. Aww, bless. Me. First, I thought I’d use one of those internet Memes to do so, but they all looked like the ones that 14 year olds use to secretly tell you who their first crush was and which celebrity they’re going to marry. Of course, if you want to know all that stuff about me, go ahead and ask. But be prepared for some pretty dull answers! #MostBoringTeenEver. See, teen speak. Awesome.

It’s hard to know where to begin! Depending on how you already know me, will depend on what you really would want to read here. But I wanted the opportunity to write a bit about me, because sometimes I think about blogging about a subject and I realise that it might not be what everyone would expect me to write about, and depending on where you know me from will probably depend on which ‘Chloe’ you’ve met!

I’d say, fundamentally, I am a good person. I like seeing people smile and happy, I like to help where I can and to do nice things. I try and be non-judgemental and a fairly open-book kind of person, because I figure that I want to be someone that I would want to be friends with. I am quiet and shy in large social gatherings, painfully so that sometimes I want to scream at myself, and this ultimately is what holds me back from doing a lot of things.

I hear a lot of people say they are shy, or a little bit daunted by social occassions etc etc, but really, most of the time I feel like they just say it. Either that or they have a much better handle on their timidness (is that a word?!) than I have on mine. FACT: If you put me in a room with more than about 6 people – I will flop, I will have nothing to say, I will want to be invisible.

I think it’s pretty funny I choose to talk about that first, but I guess it’s the biggest thing about me that I feel right now. I know I have confidence when I need it (infact, if you happen to be a work colleague, you’ll know that, as shyness rarely comes into it when I’m working) – and I make a truly horrendous first impression. But, hey, we’re working on it. I have 3 weddings coming up in the space of a couple of months and I intend to put my battling armour on and maybe even talk to someone new! Crazy times, living on the edge.

Secondly, I am a Christian. That DOES NOT MEAN, I have all the answers. It does not mean I think I’m always right, that doesn’t mean that if you’re not a Christian my entire mission in getting to know you and talk to you (should I ever have my battling armour on!) it’s because I think I can make you be one too. And perhaps that’s the wrong attitude to have as a Christian, because, ultimately when it comes to it – yes, I believe in a God and a Heaven and that there’s one way to get there. But I also believe in kindness and love, and that telling people over and over again will never really get you anywhere, that at the end of the day, everyone has to make their own choices.

I think the thing I like about my faith most of all is that it’s just there. And that sounds really simplistic, and maybe a bit naive, but it’s there. It’s at the root of me, and it never goes away. No, I don’t pray as often as I ought, I don’t study the Bible like I should and perhaps it’s been a while since I really really felt passionately about God to go out and build schools and preach to every unbeliever. But, God to me is sturdy, secure and safe. Which quite honestly, is all I’ve ever wanted from those around me. He doesn’t go anywhere, he doesn’t change. And ultimately he just is. So, like I said, perhaps simplistic and naive, but that’s what you get from me!

Other things to note about me: I like TV a bit too much, Neighbours, Casualty and Holby City plus any kind of British drama that’s going at the time. I used to spend hours of my day on the internet, but since (so-called) growing up, this is not the case anymore. Every shy persons saviour is a good forum! I love the company I work for, but don’t *always* love my job (it’s OK though, I do some days!). I enjoy helping out with a cub scout pack and the camping that accompanies it! I am a Piggie slave, to the very gorgeous Suzy and Emily (although they are always collectively known as ‘Piggies’) and the social misfit Nala the Hamster, who likes human contact as much as I like a large get together. Despite my social recluse tendencies, I get around a bit – with thanks to my travel-keen husband and have been fortunate to see lots of places and cities. I’m sure there’ll be a few more on the cards! I love the countryside, and anywhere quiet and un-fussy. Sunsets, the sound of the waves, and wandering through fields are my favourite things.

I hope that sums me up enough for the moment, and whilst I wanted to be honest I didn’t want to be rambly either. Also, hopefully if I do get blogging hopefully you’ll know where I’m coming from. There’s loads I could have said, and brought up but I’m sure it’ll come up in time!


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