Awesome Autumn?

According to the Radio this morning, autumn is here because we’ve hit September. I don’t consider this to be STRICTLY true, as I’m sure we have a couple more weeks to go before we officially hit the autumnal season of good will, but nonetheless I wanted to share my excitement at being in MY FAVOURITE SEASON OF THE YEAR. YES!

I think autumn is BRILLIANT. Infact, I’d go as far to say *magical*. The colours and the crunch of the leaves on the ground. The easy ability to see sunsets and sunrises because they’re not too early, and not too late. The beginning of it is not too hot, nor too cold – just perfect temperature.

I think it’s the prettiest time of the year to photograph, if I was a good photographer! All the colours that are everywhere. As it comes to a close towards winter it make me think of warm fires and big cozy jumpers – not that we have a fire. Nor do I have a big cozy jumper.

All in all it’s just the best and most brilliant season of the whole year 🙂 And, I do think that calling it ‘Autumn’ is much better than calling it ‘Fall’ – sorry Americans.

Photo from – which you must visit if you’re also an Autumn fan!


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