Tumblr and Fall…

So. Tumblr.

I’m not sure I ‘get it’. Does this make me an internet fraud?! Am I no longer welcomed into cyberspace? Have I just committed some great and terrible act? Well, maybe. I’ve never really got the point of Tumblr, and so I’ve always stayed away. In my time I’ve probably been a part of most social media sites – back when bebo and myspace were cool, into LiveJournal and obviously Facebook and Twitter. Recently I joined instagram (more so that I could mess around with my photos rather than any other reason). And so today I took the decision to join Tumblr. So far I’ve posted two photos, just because I didn’t want an empty page.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I do *know* what Tumblr is, and the objective behind it. Somewhere between Twitter and a blog – although most posts seem to be photo heavy so I’d say it’s got an Instagram theme behind it as well. But I’m just not sure how it fits into social media if you already use the above. And yet plenty of internet-type personalities seem to make use of it all.

Perhaps I’m just yet to be persuaded and I may well be blogging in a few months about the wonder of Tumblr, we’ll see how we go!!


And just incase, like me, you were disappointed there wasn’t any Feeder in this post, here you go…


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