25 Things to do before I’m 25

It’s 6 months (and a bit) before I’m 25, and so I thought a nice little challenge of 25 things I’d like to before March 2015. This is a list personal to *me*, and so I’m sorry if you’re a little bit underwhelmed by it, but they are personal goals rather than anything else. Also, just as they come to me – in no particular order.

1. Run 10k without stopping.

2. Take at least one photo per week.

3. Voluntarily go swimming (Eeek!).

4. Make a new friend.

5. Watch the sun rise in a quiet place.

6. Tell my husband I love him every single day.

7. Cook a full Christmas dinner in December.

8. Go to London and do something touristy.

9. Read and review 5 books.

10. Find 25 geocaches.

11. Learn a new skill (preferably a useful one)

12. Do some fundraising for a charity.

13. Stay awake for more than 36 hours.

14. Go without my phone for a week.

15. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

16. Wear something girly.

17. Go abroad.

18. Perfect my juggling skills so that I can juggle and do some sort of cool trick.

19. Plan a novel. Properly. As in from start to finish.

20. Drive to somewhere I don’t know without a map/sat nav just for fun (and to see if I have any sense of direction!).

21. Have all my old school friends over to mine for a catch-up session.

22. Write a letter.

23. Try a new food.

24. Keep a blog (or keep blogging…)

25. Have something that resembles a 25th birthday party like the hardcore party-goer that I am.


One thought on “25 Things to do before I’m 25

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