He shall be my squishy

Today I went for my very first run in my new running shoes – Nike Air Zoom Structure+ 17. Now that’s a mouthful!

It’d be completely ridiculous fo rme to give a ‘review’, because what do I know about running shoes? All I knew was that I wanted some really good supporting and good shock-absorbing shoes as my knees seem to suffer if I run too often. My previous running shoes were nothing special (although they were specifically for running) and so to spend a good amount of money on any type of shoe was unusual for me. But, on first impressions and limited knowledge – I really liked them!

They’re a snug fit, but without being too snug, and seem very well cushioned. I noticed this most at the toe end of the shoe, where it really did feel like I was running on squish – but a good kind of squish! With all this cushioning you’d think the shoes would be heavier maybe, or at least the usual weight of trainers – but they’re not at all, infact they’re the lightest pair I’ve had. Perhaps the snug fit also helped.

One thing I wasn’t enjoying though: My feet got very hot very quickly, which is really unusual for me. But this could be the warm snuggly-ness of the shoe.

One area to get used to is the arch inside the shoe. My old pair had quite high and firm archs for my feet, and I have to say I felt a little bit unsupported in that area of the shoe. But I’m sure that’s a case of ‘wearing them in’.

Also. I love the look of them! If nothing else – I shall stand out!

Hoping to do many miles in these, if I persist with the Nike+ app then I should be able to keep track of exactly how far they’ll travel.

Now to let that Indian Takeaway settle. The pain of running for the first time in a while definitely deserves the gain of a takeaway!


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