Blue Lights and Unfortunatelys

I spend a lot of my time these days, driving. Or so it seems. And I do make sweeping generalisations about other road users – how they are all idiots, how certian types of car tend to be more problematic than others, how everyone else drives like a total prat. Today I was driving on some of the country roads that I do daily. I wouldn’t say I’m a fast driver, but I’m hardly a granny either. I do these roads every day, I know them backwards and blindfolded. I don’t trundle along. However I do go at a sensible speed.

Apparently, some people find this speed quite offensive.

I’m always overtaken and 90% of the time it’s in a truly horrendous way, usually involving me having to brake suddenly, or just close my eyes and hope that noone hits me. Today was one of those days. As we approached the corner the car behind me, who was somewhat impatient, took his opportunity to overtake.

Unfortunately for me this meant I had to hit my brakes fairly hard as I’d noticed the oncoming traffic. And he had not.

Unfortunately for the car at the front of the oncoming traffic they also had to break to allow him to pass in the small gap between me and them.

But this is where its good.

Unfortunately for him that said oncoming car was a POLICE CAR.

I honestly thought this never happened. I never thought they managed to catch people driving like idiots. They’d only need to follow me for one or two journeys to meet a dozen of them. But today it honestly happened. The police car turned itself around, lights on and pulled him over.

And I drove smuggly on.






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