Food in bowls

Is it just me, or recently isn’t the fashion becoming to serve food from bars or casual restaurants on my plate but in several bowls/pots. For example, this evening I had: chicken on the plate with a bowl of salad, a bowl of coleslaw, a small pot of sauce and a basket of wedges.

Now the food was delicious, I m not saying it wasn’t absolutely amazing. However the following things frustrate me about that situation:

1. It feels really wrong to decant all these items from bowl to plate
2. I feel obliged to eat one item at a time instead of putting multiple items on my fork at once.
3. The above is because (and its probably just me being a bit chloe-ish) what happens if a bit of my chicken from my fork falls into my bowl of salad – isn’t this plain WRONG?! I mean hello food OCD.
4. How do I effectively salt and vinegar my wedges right through to the bottom of the basket.
5. And yes, I can’t get that one bit of salad out of that bowl onto my fork either!

Not to mention of course that my plate is full of bowls and no actually room to move my food around.

I still don’t want to take away from the fact that this doesn’t ruin food for me, because all food is good food. But me and the bowl-serving thing just doesn’t work. Sorry food-serving industry.

Also, your random useful fact for the day:
Don’t put your hotel room key card in your pocket with your mobile phone. It wipes the data off and then you can’t get into your room. You then have to sheepishly return to reception and get a new one.

Whoever said my blogs aren’t informative and helpful?!


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