Graze Box Excitement

On Friday, about 2 minutes before I was due to leave the house for the weekend my Graze box came through the letterbox. I’ve always been quite confused about the concept of what exactly Graze box is, as I know it’s been about for some time. If you’re in this category – let me put you out of your misery.

Graze according to Chloe…

Essentially Graze is a subscription service. You pay (in my case) £3.99 per box, and set up how often you’d like to receive the boxes. I have mine set up to arrive on Fridays every other week. You can have them every week if you like, any day you choose, to any address you want. Hello convenience. So, I’ve paid £3.99 – unless I’ve taken advantage of any other offer, and chosen when I want to receive my box. Once you’ve received it you then log in online and rate the snacks you’ve received. You receive 4 snacks per nibblebox (if you’ve selected another type of box that could be different!). By rating the snacks it helps Graze send you what they think you’ll like most, and keep away from the stuff you don’t. You can unsubscribe at any time from the service, so that’s a big plus. You’re not tied to keeping with them at all.

To find out all about Graze I’d suggest visiting their website.

So, my Graze box…

When I opened it up today it looked like this inside

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All the snacks are sealed independently so you don’t need to scoff them all at once (doesn’t stop me though!). Mine also had a very artistic photo of a raspberry at the back there – I’ll be interested to see if next time it’ll be a raspberry again or do they alternate fruit…?!

I really like the look of it, it’s all very natural looking and all their boxes are recyclable, biodegradable and made from “wood from a sustainable forest”.

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As this is my first Graze box it also came with some additional leaflets. The one on the left, labelled “hello” is your basic introduction to Graze – how to rate your snacks and some info on how they are made and the suppliers they use. In the middle there are two gift vouchers worth £5. Now, I’ve tried reading these and I think I’ve understood correctly in thinking they are £5 off when you subscribe to Graze as a new customer, and remember you can unsubscribe at any time, so essentially that’s two boxes to try for £2.98. If you think you want to try Graze then let me know and I’ll give one to you. The third leaflet on the right is reminding me that my box is free, and so is my fifth. Yippeee – free stuff!

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On the inside it’s got all the nutritional info for each product and also web links for the full list of ingredients if you need to know them. The film on top of the tubs also had some of this info and it tells you which tubs are low calorie. Also in this leaflet I have a code that get you free 1st, 5th and 10th box. If you do this it also gets me some money off my boxes. I’m a bit gutted really because I joined and got a free 1st and 5th, but no 10th. I feel victimised. The code for that is: 3652QLVPB

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I thought it was pretty cool that when I lifted up my tray it was a grass picture underneath (just me – but I found that very cool), there’s also a serviette incase you get in a mess. Also there’s a joke. Mine was

What did the lettuce say to the celery?

I’m stalking you.

Bdm. Tsh.

Ok, so it’s a bit Christmas cracker-esque, but I think it’s a cool touch! And I’ll await the joke on the next one…!

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I started my Graze experience with the first tray that I knew I wouldn’t be keen on (and thus building up to the yummy stuff). This was the “honeycome crunch” and contained chocolate coated honeycomb, raisins and almonds. I don’t like raisins, I’m not a big fan of honeycomb and also I’ll give or take almonds – they don’t really do it for me. However, the husband was keen so this will be getting a ‘like’ from us. And it’s all about trying new things, so I did have a go at it. Turns out I still don’t like raisins…!

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Next we tried the ‘my thai’ which was soy bites with sweet chilli sauce. Yum. The sauce wasn’t too hot, which I was glad of. Infact me and the other half couldn’t decide if the spice was on the cracker or the thai sweet chilli sauce – as we only ever ate them as a duo we remain split. I think it was in the sauce (I may have dipped my finger in to find out), my other half still thinks the crackers. Regardless, this will get a ‘love’ from me, I like my savoury stuff, almost as much as my sweet stuff!

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Then we tried the ‘garden of england’ which was apple, strawberry and blackcurrants. It was probably the least appealing in looks – the other pots looking really appetising and this looking very average however it was a really simple but yummy concept. And I was really glad there wasn’t a raisin in sight – as when you usually get mixes with these fruits raisins are usually out in for good measure. Love.

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And then I saved the best ’til last. I am, and I admit it freely, a flapjack fiend. So I was SUPER excited to see there was flapjack in my box to try. This was a ‘summer berry flapjack’ and contained cranberries. Love. Perfect. Not many other words. I am a sweet tooth really, but I usually steer clear of berries in flapjacks (because of the previously mentioned raisin issue) so it was quite nice to try this.

So that was my Graze experience in its entirety. It might have sounded like a bit of an advert for Graze but I am excited to start my Graze-ing and see what else it leads me to try. I would suggest if you’re going to share with your better half (like I did) you might want to look at other options they have; perhaps the ‘bigbox’ that is brand new would be suitable (although from first look I think that’d feed more than two of you!). If you have kids they do a ‘goodybox’ especially to try and get kids into healthy treats. I might have to try it as I’m a bit of a kid in terms of taste buds and don’t try anything that looks a bit nutty! There’s also a ‘breakfast box’ if you struggle a bit in the mornings.

Look forward to my next box in two weeks….! Also don’t forget if you have thought about trying Graze but haven’t ever taken the plunge I do have the following code: 3652QLVPB so please feel free to use it 🙂


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