25 Things: Number 5 & 17

Hello all 🙂

So I managed to combine number 17 and number 5 into one (because I am awesome like that!).

In November, my other half and I escaped to Fuerturventura for a week – and slobbed out at an all inclusive hotel for the week. Photo’s below 😀 We did a bit of geocaching, but mainly we just relaxed and did nothing – which is how all holidays should be in my opinion. Our hotel was mainly German orientated (this upset DH as they only played German football matches and not English ones…) which causes some amusement when you can only understand every other word they say – and you get to make up whats being done and said.

Our hotel stood in the middle of nowhere and about a mile or so from the nearest small town. We were surrounded by sand dunes and it had a very desert feel to it – although it actually wasn’t.

You’ll be pleased to know I didn’t manage to take any photos on the nearby nudist beach. Some things need erasing from the memory!


IMG_0059[1] IMG_0051[1]  IMG_0049[1] IMG_0046[1] IMG_0050[1]

On our last night in Fueturventura we wandered down to the beach in the early(ish) hours to watch the sunrise which was really beautiful. It’s definitely something I’m glad I took the opportunity to do on a sandy gorgeous beach!



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