No Phones for Me and 25th birthday

In March I turn 25 years old. At 25 years old I am really fortunate to have grown up in a generation where we’ve seen huge advances in technology. I still remember being really young and the computer at home being all the rage and something rare. Infact, something I was scared of! It seemed to have a mind of its own!!

As I got older, obviously, I soon forgot my fears and like many people my age became engrossed in the all-encompassing world of technology. My first mobile phone was a basic Sagem MW3020, but it was soon my quickest route to talking to my friends via SMS. A number of years and phones later and we’ve reached the ability to do pretty much anything on our phones. My beloved iPhone makes calls, sends texts, connects to social media, takes photos, tracks my whereabouts and has access to the entire world wide web at my fingertips.

When commenting recently on my poor memory for facts and figures a friend of mine commented that “In this age you don’t need to remember – because it’s all at our fingertips”. Scary really.

So, on 15th March 2015 I’ll be waking up and not checking my phone as the first port of call for the day. I will not be catching up on who scored what in Candy Crush or how many spam emails I missed out on overnight. When I go on holiday on 16th March I won’t be using my phone to pass away time in the airport or to call on to find our way out of the airport in a foreign land. Nor will I need to be desperately seeking the free WIFI in the local area. We return home on 20th March and when I return I’ll have two days of annual leave to kill NOT on my phone – nor will any of my Facebook friends know where I went on holiday or how I’m getting on.

I think this will be a big deal for me. I don’t believe I’m addicted to Facebook and my phone, however it’s definitely habit to pick it up and whittle away a few minutes of the day doing nothing in particular! If you know me, you’ll know that my phone is never further than 20m away from me at one time.

This is a personal challenge, however if anyone would like to support me during this time I encourage you to visit my JustGiving page and donate to Macmillan Cancer Support. Just a £1 would be great as anything is good 🙂

On 23rd March I shall be re-united with my phone and celebrating my 25th birthday. If you know me and were thinking of getting me a little something I am genuinely asking everyone to give towards Macmillan Cancer Support instead – which you can do via my JustGiving page, or in person to me.

A huge thank you to anyone who is willing to give anything 🙂

My JustGiving Page: Click here

Macmillan Cancer Support: Click here


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