Blue Skies and Muddy Shoes

Walking is good for the soul. Especially on a beautiful day like this! Birds are singing, the sky is clear blue and the sun is out. It’s even reasonably warm-ish considering it’s February and this is England! It’s like the first day of spring! Music in the earphones, fresh air in my lungs and I feel like I am one step out of touch with reality – which is a good thing. Or perhaps I was feeling in touch with reality – I’m not sure which way round that is!

I’m really lucky that I live in such a beautiful place and that I can see so much beauty around me 5 minutes from my home.



I took the above photo purely because I was trying to decide which was way least muddy. I turned right, and by the state my trainers and trousers are in now, I’m not sure if it was the most sensible decision! But then, isn’t it nice to live life on the edge sometimes!

IMG_0243[1]   IMG_0244[1]

I’ve had a bit of a thinking day today, which is probably why I felt like I wanted a walk. I’m 25 in March, and then there’s not pretending I’m a child anymore. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what my purpose is – what it is I was put on the earth to do, where my talents lay. This is not to say I am unhappy with my life, or that I feel my current job isn’t something I don’t like or don’t enjoy. But is it enough? Am I actually fulfilling whatever it is that makes me ‘tick’?

Hmm. Answers on a postcard, please!

Also, notice I got through a whole post there without mentioning my current WomanFlu.


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