Phone Free!

It is 18 days before I go phoneless for a week and I’ve begun to think about the little things that we use our little technological buddies for – beyond the obvious of keeping in contact with people (through the various realms of text, social media etc) what else has it taken the place of in my life?

So far, here’s 5 that I’ve come up with that’s struck me within the last week:

1. MontreGousset001

I use my phone for the time! All the time. I don’t wear a watch and rarely am I fortunate to be in a place with a clock and so my phone is my perfect time piece.

2. mfa67deQc08E-nJQYRTjz9w

My map. I frequently tap into GoogleMaps to find my way to somewhere – leaving little practice of reading a real map, or having to read road signs. Who needs a road sign when the nice lady will tell me in 200yards I need to turn right?!

3. images

Sort of goes with telling the time, but I always use my phone to wake me up in the morning. Infact, is it a sad state of affairs that my day begins with something that immediately connects me to the outside world? Where did my ‘me’ time go?

4. No picture for this one, but the thought of going on holiday and not being able to quickly Google anything I might need to know (the glorious review of TripAdvisor for example) and so needing to pre-research activities and need-to-know info is a little overwhelming! Definitely a comfort blanket!

5. hs50exr_600

Quick selfie any one?

Now, I’m not a selfie kind of girl, but the quick use of my phone to take a photo is frequent. Because who want to worry about rooting through your bag and turning on a camera when you can just swipe up on your phone and hit the camera icon. And lets be honest, the quality is pretty good too!

Those are just 5 I’ve thought about in the last week. I’m actually really looking forward to my week phone and social-media-less. No doubts I’m going to find 105 things I wish I had at my fingertips. But I am beginning to wonder – will I be counting down the days to getting it back and getting back to being plugged in constantly to social media. Or might I actually have a different appreciation for life without it?!

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