So long Facebook, Goodbye Twitter, Toodle-pip iPhone

Leaving behind my iPhone and social media for one week, initially began with this post – 25 Things before I’m 25. It’s a personal challenge, but anyone willing to make a donation towards Macmillan Cancer Support in support of my efforts is very welcome to do so here.

I’m also asking anyone who would usually very kindly buy me something for my birthday to donate via my JustGiving page instead.

So, now I suppose it’s time for some ground rules for myself:

1. Starting at midnight on Sunday 15th March – phone off and social media signed out.

2. iPhone to remain off for the entire duration of the week.

3. Access to Facebook, Twitter, Facebook messenger, Instagram etc and any related or similar sites is not allowed.

4. Signing back into my digital life on 23rd March (25th birthday – YAY!)

I’m allowing myself email – so anyone who wants to stay in touch during the week can do so via there, obviously only to be checked via a laptop/tablet etc. I also hope to blog throughout so you can all read what it’s like to disconnect from social media – and is it possible for someone in their 20’s?!


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