25 Things: Number 14 – Day One

Day One

I can report that I’m not quite at 24 hours as yet but I am still standing!

Last night, at about 11pm I turned the iPhone off for the final time (who knew they turned off?!) and posted a Facebook status announcing my week ahead and that was that!

This morning seemed odd and probably the only point of the day where I actually seemed to physically miss my phone. Every day starts with my phone normally – whether that’s a work day and the alarm on it or a day off and just browsing the internet before getting up or continuing to doze.

According to a Daily Mail report on average we check our phones 110 times a day – which is completely insane. I would definitely say that I’m not upto that in a day, but there were definite moments in the day when I would have naturally checked my phone. Once I’d finished each ‘task’ at home before doing the next one. When I sat down for breakfast, when I had a cup of tea, when I walked to and from a neighbouring road, when I walked to the shop, when I queued at the shop, when the advert breaks came on.

I could go on longer – which is pretty amazing really that my phone is so embedded in me that it’s literally gluing each part of my day together – binding each activity together.

Don’t get me wrong, today was an easy day. I had nowhere to go or nothing major to do. I missed the ability to quickly Google odd things that came into my mind, but I’m yet to feel like I’ve lost a limb from the non-use of my phone!

I have felt very disconnected from the rest of the world though. Facebook or Twitter gives the impression that we aren’t on our own when we actually are (that’d not a depressing thought, but an accurate one based on today!). It gives the false illusion that we’re surrounded by people when, in reality we’re not. It just happened that most of the day today I spent in my own company!

However, on the positive side of things I have, as a result, been completely undistracted. On the whole, I haven’t put off any tasks by using my phone as an excuse to not do something. I also watched a DVD fully (Miranda’s What I Call Live Show, if you must know!) without texting or messaging throughout. I sat completely uninterrupted, chuckling away to myself – a very enjoyable experience!

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week – which might seem a little more taxing than today as there’s a bit more to do and away from the comfort of my own home!

Biggest challenge of the day: Feeling ‘disconnected’ and lonesome!


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