25 Things: Number 14 Day Three

Oh WI-FI how I’ve missed you greatly!!


OK, so now I have got that out if the way, welcome to Day Three, guys and gals. The day where I kept worrying I’d left my phone somewhere! Reaching for my pocket and realising that was a packet of tissues and not my phone, and having momentary panic at its loss!! But all is well.

I really can’t deny, though, the inconvenience of bit having a phone. I’ve really missed the ability to, firstly, use it to navigate. Today, we wandered hopelessly around Palma (which is well signposted, actually) to try and reach our end goal – the final frontier. THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE. And who’d have guessed that they’d be so beautifully useful!

I’m definitely missing social media and the ability to share what I’m doing with friends and followers. Also I didn’t realise how much I used it to ‘tag’ where I’d been and suitably photograph. I’m reliant on my memory now, matching up to my photos on my digital camera. Teaching has also seemed like  one-man battle, with my husband holding all the information on the caches.

Now that we’re sat down for some quiet time before dinner, it’d be the perfect time for some inane chatter and catch up with friends, but there’s none of that. Although it has been quite nice reading a book without interruption!

I wish, for the purposes of blogging, I could remember all the times I went to reach for my phone today, but I simply can’t. However I’ll make more of an effort tomorrow to recall and record when I tried to use something that is no longer attached to me.

Challenge of the day: Spotted a girl on the bus using Facebook and felt a pang of jealousy – nearly half way through…


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