25 Things: Number 14 Day 5

Day 5 has been and gone in a flash! Lots of photos taken and none on my iphone, of course. Shame not to be able to tag my whereabouts today, also.

Having spent more than 3 hours on coaches I did miss the opportunity to have the option of playing music – of which I store the majority of on my phone.

I’m also becoming a bit more susceptible to spotting other people using their devices in odd places. This evening at dinner a woman constantly tapped away on her phone throughout eating and walking her way up to the buffet table. CAN YOU NOT PUT IT DOWN?! Are we actually that bad?! I know I can be guilty of being anti-social as any one (ironic as I’m sat here tapping away whilst conversation is going on around me) and I hope it changes after I get my phone back.

3 days to go….


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