25 Things: Number 14 Day 6 & 7

Well, day 6 flashed by so fast that I barely noticed it.

Predictably, an airport wait minus a phone is somewhat of a pain, even killing 10minutes is really helpful to the overall experience. And I really tried people watching, I did, but as it turns out – people just aren’t that interesting!

Returning home felt strange – not announcing my safe arrival to anyone. Not that many people, I’m sure, were hanging on awaiting the news of my safe arrival! But, nonetheless, it was something simple that usually I woul dhave taken the opportunity to do.

Day 7 was perhaps, a little more taxing as returning home to normality meant I felt the absence of my phone more as my routine returned to normal. Waiting for a bus is a really odd experience without the use of a phone, equally just quickly looking up this or that on the internet was strange.

Most importantly, this morning is the morning of Day 8. Less than 24 hours to go…


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