Challenge Complete! I survived a week without my iPhone and Social Media…

Well, well, well…we’ve made it, dear blog. Here we are. Less than 1 hour until I’ve gone a solid 8 days without my iPhone and without social media.

What really amazing bit of wisdom can I impart about the no iPhone experience. Well, probably nothing we don’t already know about our reliance on technology.

It’s convenient.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s my gem of information. This biggest and hardest thing to overcome has been the *convenience* of the iPhone. There really is ‘an app for that’ for every part of my life. And it’s all not been at a touch of a button for me this past week. And although that’s been frustrating, and I’ve felt incredibly out of the loop – has it dramatically altered my life this week? Well, no. Not really. I’ve just had to put up with not knowing the answer to that random thought that floated into my mind, or pre-preparing a holiday instead of Googling it all when I get there.

And what can I impart about a life without social media?

At first glance, it’s pretty lonely. And the people that you’re used to be being able to talk to aren’t there any more! And in those 5minutes you had spare I didn’t learn what anyone else was doing in the world. I missed out on tweeting along to whatever the trend was this week (which for me would have been #Neighbours30) and reading through other peoples opinions and comments.

But aside from that, after a few days life just seemed very much like it did before. Of course, throughout the whole week there’s been times where I think about sharing things online or taking a quick photo to upload, reaching for my pocket and remembering that I couldn’t. But, really, you were probably better off for me not sharing those things!

I’m going to attempt to summarise the things I’ve learnt about my week in 5 quick points.

1 week (or 8 days precisely) without your mobile phone/social media for me means:

1. I haven’t procrastinated my way through the days

You wouldn’t believe the amount of time you and I probably spend just scrolling through that news feed before we put off the next task of the day. Between each ‘task’ of the day, I must stop and scroll to see what I’ve missed. I think at sometime this week I wrote that Social Media ‘punctuated’ my day. Every pause in the day was broken by my phone, which is a bit of scary concept. When you don’t have that distraction, you tend to jsut get on with the next thing on your to-do list! Or enjoy a peaceful cup of tea…

2. After a while I just stopped wondering what everyone else was doing

By this I mean that I started to just enjoy my time, in my moment, without thinking if anyone was commenting, liking or talking to me. I quickly figured if anyone wanted to talk to me they’d find a way and what anyone else was doing, in the most kindest sense, wasn’t really entirely necessary to my day. And although it’s always a joy to hear from friends in what they’re doing and what they’re upto, it was nice to not be a part of the every detail and thought that is put out there for the world to see. It meant that if anyone did say anything it was purposeful especially for me.

3. I was out of the ‘trending loop’

By ‘trending loop’ I mean the little fads and little events that take Twitter by storm. Arguably, the little things don’t matter (How’s Adam? anyone?) although as I use social media to keep me uptodate with current affairs – that was probably a negative thing, as I’m already someone who is woefully out of touch with the world around me.

4. I got out of bed earlier (by my standards)

I think this is for two reasons. Firstly, I had to physically sit up and squint my eyes (because I can’t see without my glasses) to look at the time on the alarm clock. This involved some concentration (due to the aforementioned blindness) and so by that point I was semi awake and conscious anyway. And secondly, I didn’t wake up to emails, notifications or anything else to distract me from the process of getting up. I didn’t lay in bed for half an hour looking at everything I’d missed in my 8 hours of slumber. Nope, just got up and got on! Go me!

5. Social media is not necessary to a twenty-something year olds life

I would argue, certainly, that in this era a mobile phone is. But social media, really isn’t.

I said earlier that life without social media is lonely. Well, although on the surface that seems true, I don’t think it is. I think if I’d continued for longer without social media I’d have learnt that the people worth being in touch with and worth talking to would have ‘found’ me and done so. Perhaps my friendships and relationships would be more meaningful as a result – instead of just being awash with convenience. If I’d known, say, 4 people had gone to the effort of physically typing ME a message, and not for the eyes of 200 others – wouldn’t that improve our relationships?

It’s a thought – and I don’t have the answer. I suppose it’s the 100 acquaintaces or 2 close friends question, isn’t it?

So, will I be chucking my iPhone away and disconnecting from social media forever?


But do I think all good things in moderation?


It’s definitely a challenge I’d do again, although probably just social media side of things – because it’s incredible how engrained and constantly tuned in we always are to it. I don’t want to pretend that when I am reunited with my phone and my social media accounts that everything will change – because it’s the generation I am and the generation I live in! But I like to think that, hopefully, I can bring a bit more of a meaningful social media existence, perhaps! Less aimless scrolling for no purpose, maybe. We’ll see.

Also, a BIG thank you to those who sponsored me. And if anyone would like to sponsor me now that I’ve completed you’re absolutely more than welcome 🙂

Clickety here.


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