Why being an only child makes me awesome…

Apparently, according to all the social media around me, today is National Siblings Day. Well, if you’re American it is. Obviously us Brit’s pretty much draw the line at Mothers and Fathers Days. Nonetheless I thought it was a good time to share with you all why being an only child is probably, actually, pretty good.

So here we go, 5 reasons:

1. Sharing

Although people reckon only children must be greedy and selfish because they never got to experience WWIII breaking out over a toy at home, I’m guessing that actually we might be good sharers. Yeah, we probably share about the same amount as our Sibling-Having fellow humans, but I think we’re the nicer people about it. Sharing is perhaps a little more unique to us, so we’re a bit keener to do it. It wasn’t drummed in as often (although I’m positive it was still drummed in as it would be to any child!) and so we’re not forced to share by some sort of persistent being told to do so – we do it because we want to. For fun.

2. Maturity

Most probably, at least for some portion of our lives, we were the youngest and maybe the only child in our immediate family. So, for me at least, I think this impacted on my maturity. Adults will only play with you for so long, they can only play with you to a certain level until they have to go and do grown-up things. So, I think we probably adapted a little bit in ourselves to ensure we could blend sufficiently with the adults around us. As a result, I think I matured quicker with a more grounded outlook. It also meant that age quickly became irrelevant to me, and I have some lovely perhaps slightly older friends.

3. Responsibility

Perhaps not in the sense you think I’m going for – no I didn’t slave away doing the dishes each night nor do any more or less responsible tasks than my Sibling-Having friends. But, self-responsibility. Who broke the ornament? Well, I did. Because there wasn’t anyone else. Who’s going to tidy my mess? Well I am, because I can’t con my little brother into doing it for me. It’s upto me to do what needs doing, and me to take complete responsbility for my own actions. Perhaps this is why I can be a bit controlling at times! It’s my way or the highway people!

4. Tactics

I can win, or at least draw on every game of noughts and crosses because I’ve mastered the art of playing by myself and knowing the best tactical move. I believe the same can be said for draughts and I’ve been known to be fairly good at a game of Connect 4. I KNOW YOUR MOVES.

5. Own company

I was an only child. Not a lonely child. As a result I enjoy my own company. I can sit alone for a long period of time and not feel bored or overly concerned. I like thinking. I like to just….sit. I don’t need someone next to me constantly jabbering away (infact, please, I’d rather you didn’t!) to kill the time. Nope – just me, myself and I. Because I’m pretty awesome.



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