Getting to know Rufus

It’s been a while, but I felt this very cute face felt a mention and we’ll see if my opinion of him changes over time.

So, introducing to the WordPress world…Rufus


Rufus has been with us for a whole 2 days now – but there’s already a couple of things I can establish from this ball of mischief:

He wakes for no-one. Although it is possible he’s just in hiding as he’s still getting used to his surroundings – but he does seem to spend most of the time in his well-contructed nest!

He’s in touch with his ancestors. The first ‘mission’ Rufus undertook was setting up home in his new cage. So, he built his nest area, and then went on a very cautious exploration of the rest of the cage. On finding the woodshavings he has blocked up one tube but stuffing as many woodshavings as possible up the tube, making it impassable. I’m not entirely sure how he managed it, but it was one nights work. A quick Google told me this was very normal and harks back to hamsters blocking up burrows and is all quite normal. I’ve just never had a hamster that’s felt the need so far!

Untidy male. It must be a man thing, but after two days it looks like I haven’t cleaned the cage in about a month. There’s woodshavings and sand everywhere. There’s even food everywhere – I thought hamsters stored that away! Previous occupants have been so much tidier.

Almost brave. Rufus wants to be brave, but he’s not quite brave enough yet to want any human interaction just for curiosities sake. But if there’s a treat he’s not too far away. He also hasn’t event aken a nibble out of my finger as yet. Excellent!

There we are, a short introduction to Rufus. Looking forward to taming him over the coming weeks!


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