Spiegel im Spiegel

For some reason, before I begin I feel like there should be an enormous disclaimer on this post, incase you’ve stumbled on my blog and think that I have any kind of authority or prior knowledge to what I’m about to blog about. I don’t. I’m not musical, I don’t play an instrument, at a push I could probably hold a tune enough for you to guess what the song is, but beyond that I’m afraid you’re in the hands of a complete and utter amateur!

Cool, now we’ve done that I’m going to do a really un-Chloe-ish blog post, just because.

What do you think about classical music? Like? Dislike? Perhaps you’re a bit like me, I like it for about 10 minutes, but then the interest has gone. It was nice for a while but it’s all a bit, well in lieu of another word ‘meh’ (sorry!).

So, the fact that I have found a piece of music that fits into the ‘classical music’ genre and I can listen to in its entirety – all 10 minutes of it – is extremely rare. Now, it’s not a bit of Beethoven, or Mozart (I have to be careful here, as I tend to get composers and artists confused – I’ll be talking to you about Picasso’s musical genius soon!) but far more modern. It’s relatively well known, and I can gather it has and is used in various TV programs and films. Infact, the first time I came across it was in BBC’s Casualty in 2008. Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part. Or ‘Mirror in the Mirror’ if you want an English translation – and it’s such an apt title.

Don’t ask me what it is, or why I like this piece of music so much, but I just do. See, I told you – I’m a musical genius. It’s very repetitive which I guess is why I find it entirely relaxing. It’s fairly predictable in it’s nature, always returning to that same piano repetition. I find that it matches whatever mood I’m in, whether I need calming down, or whether I just want to listen to something. It relaxes me and just brings an incredible tranquility to me. If I’m feeling a little down or blue or stressy, it matches my mood exactly without being overly melancholy. OK, so it wouldn’t be a party tune, but deinitely if you’re having a peaceful moment I would so recommend it.

I even have it downloaded on my phone – the only piece of classical music on my phone – just incase I should want to listen to it on the go!

So, yeah, if perhaps like me you’re not really into classical music or whatever, I’d really recommend giving this a listen – probably on your own, in a quiet moment. Even better, if you like classical music and somehow haven’t come across it – listen now as I think it’s an absolute gem.


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