Maundy Thursday


A massive and huge welcome to you and to THE LONG EASTER WEEKEND! YES! A big *thumbs up* if you now have 4 days work free to enjoy and eat lots of chocolate. Make the most of them, it’s the only time you can eat so much chocolate and feel almost guilt free!

I wanted to take the opportunity to do a weekend of short blogs (I know, talk about commitment from me) about the Easter weekend from my perspective as a Christian. First off, selfishly, to keep myself focussed on why this time of the year is important to me and not get distracted by cute bunnies and baby chicks. And as a secondary to that, put those thoughts down in this blog for those who either aren’t sure about what Easter means in relation to the Christian faith to have a look at it from a different perspective.

So pull up a pew (oooh, that’s very religious of me, a sofa is fine…) and join me will you?

Today, I took the opportunity to read a little bit of John and pulled the quote above from it. When Jesus is with his disciples before he is arrested he tells them this:

“Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.” John 13:34-35

Pretty much, I think if I could do NOTHING else, that is a command I could and should live by. It’s simple and to the point, there’s no ifs and buts – just there it is. Black and white. Love one another.

Jesus spends a lot of time with his disciples talking about what will come next. He predicts his betrayal (that is Judas giving him up to the Roman soldiers to be arrested) and Peter’s denial of him. They have a feast (referred to as the Last Supper, and this is often remembered in Communion throughout the year) where Jesus washes his disciples feet.

Woah, woah. Stop there. He’s washing their feet? This is the man that has led them, that they have been following for years and he has been teaching them everything about how to live. And he is washing their feet? He’s doing a servants job, when he is someone they all look upto and respect. That would completely throw me, I don’t know about you!

Maundy Thursday for me is about preparation. Preparing for what was to come and preparing myself for the weekend ahead. Looking at what Jesus said in those last days about how I should live my life. Looking at his actions before he knew he was about to endure the worst kind of death. And also looking at those closest to him, who knew him personally and were about to witness his death and resurrection.



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