Absent Father Thoughts

A re-blog as we approach Father’s Day weekend, for those that find themselves in a similar situation


I have always been quite open about my experiences growing up in relation to my father. That is, I have never hidden the truth from anyone that asked, and I have never shyed away from telling people anything they asked. I hope that I’ve always been fairly mature about it – aside from temporary feelings of hurt, anger or anxiety about the situation, I’ve always been a matter-of-fact type of girl and tried to stay away from any kind of ‘blame game’ for the way things turned out.

If you go online and type into Google, as I have done in the past, ‘absent father’ or something of similar ilk, you’ll get literally thousands and thousands of sites full of people giving their stories of the impact of not having a father in their life – usually full of hurt and resentment. Absent father, here, meaning one that chose, for…

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