Distractions on Day One

It was always inevitable that ‘Day One’ would be one of the most difficult days in undoing habits and I was simply proved right.

I woke early (as I seem to be doing just lately. I’m concerned that I might be ‘growing up’ and no longer seem to be sleeping past 8am – eeek!) at around 7am and dozed for half an hour or so. Refreshing my phone I was pleased to see a supportive text message, which was lovely to receive. And then I stared somewhat blankly at my phone realising it had nothing to offer me. However, I flicked on a radio app and laid in bed for half an hour listening to the radio and realising usually if I have music on that I occupy myself with social media time alongside it.

Up, dressed and showered by 8.30am was strange for a day where I don’t need to be in work until 1pm. Simple things like breakfast obviously are normally punctuated with catching up on Social Media and refreshing my phone screen to realise there was nothing on there was again followed by a blank stare!

All was well though, as I switched on the Neighbuzz podcast (you must listen to this podcast if you have any interest at all in Neighbours, it’s just fantastic!) and caught up on several chores, checked WordPress which I don’t consider social media as it’s purposeful reading (anyway, I said no rules, so I don’t see why I’m justifying myself!). It’s now 11am and I’ve completed about what would usually take me a day off to complete and I’ve managed a 45minute episode of The Coroner in there too!

3 hours in and the urge to pick up my phone is already subsiding. And when I do pick it up, there’s no social media apps readily available to me (I haven’t actually uninstalled them, they’re sat just off my homescreen with all notifications off. I figured I’d uninstall if willpower wasn’t enough). They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, but I’m not too sure about breaking one. I assume the same concept applies.


My current phone screen, minus the social media!

I am not naive – this is day one and so currently I’m feeling motivated and challenged. I have no doubt the challenge will occur a week later when the ‘novelty’ factor has worn off and it’d be so easy just to check in, just to see if I’ve missed anything.

For now though, I think I have today sussed. I have work from 1pm so that’s the rest of my day sorted and I have some thoughts on blog posts over the next few days to put up (don’t worry, I’m not going to do a daily update on the lack of social media – I think that’d get boring for all concerned very quickly!). Tomorrow is a day off and one going to be spent waiting for a delivery, so it’ll be interesting how I’ll keep myself occupied!

Oooh – bonus info. Now that social media notifications are off I’ve actually switched the sound on my phone on. Previously it was always off because the social media ‘dings’ could get annoying. Now I’m ‘unplugged’ this isn’t an issue! Look at that, my first absolute positive – making full use of the sound on my phone.



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