The no social media decision

It was 2 years ago when I decided to see what life was like without a Smartphone for 1 week (more about that here). I, somewhat flippantly, at the end of that challenge said that ‘yeah, I’d ditch Social Media again’ and so that day has come.

In part, this is simply a challenge for me. I don’t think I am *as* addicted to social media as perhaps other might be, but then that mere statement has proven that social media can become all about comparing yourself to others. What I do know though, is that social media is my biggest procrastination tool – and that doesn’t seem to be changing!

In defence of social media, and indeed the internet, I am very grateful for the part it has in my life. I believe that it is a wonderful tool to meet people who share similar interests, and build relationships with people that you’re not fortunate enough to live near. It’s become even more important since I’ve moved that little bit further away recently from friends and family (not a huge distance, but distance enough).

But. But it’s not what should be happening instead of getting on with the day. Aimless scrolling (which is actually appears to be eternal – I’m pretty sure you could literally scroll for 100 years and never reach the end of that feed) well, that’s not helpful to my procrastination habit. And nor is seeing what everyone else is achieving and I am not. Although, I am very proud of everyones successes and that they are having a wonderful time.

So this is where we are. There aren’t any ‘rules’ (i.e. what counts and what doesn’t), this is a personal challenge for myself to come away from things that I think fit the category of procrastination, or that I’m spending too much time on.

In the mean time I want to work on things that I enjoy doing, and writing is one of those things. So you can expect blog posts (undecided on the actual content as yet) to be more frequent. Also, actually finishing reading a book would be nice!

I want to be really clear that this isn’t a ‘downer’ on social media, nor is it a sign that I’m unhappy or anything like that. I just think it’s important to take time to yourself once in a while, and for me, social media is meaning I am not spending as much time doing that as I could.

On one final note, please stay in touch! This isn’t a dislike of general socialness, or if I communicate with you regularly via social media, a sign that I don’t want that anymore! Far from it! Perhaps it’s more of a sign that I value your friendship more because I don’t want the edited statuses or the 140 character updates, but the real conversations that have value and meaning. Just a thought.

Drop me a thought any time via WordPress, my email, text message, BY POST (I know, that still exists!) or any other crazy way you can think of. There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this I love you to bits 😀

PS I’m 20 mins in and already feeling nervous!


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