Day Three: Social Media detoxing

Funny word detoxing. Even funnier when not used alongside a food context. I’m not sure I like the terminology, but we’ll run with it.

Hello 😀 I am happy, happy, happy today. First off, when I woke up (5am alarm, sigh) there was a glimmer of light on the horizon, and by the time I set off for work at 5.45am it was light and it didn’t feel like the middle of the night. That is reason alone to be happier.

Also – have you been outside today? It’s glorious. Infact, I’m blogging from the garden where my guinea pig is keeping a close eye on me whilst munching on some springtime (can I say that yet?!) grass. She’s pleased for the change of scenery and warmer climate too!

What gems of information can I give you about day 3 then? Well, things are getting easier. I haven’t picked up my phone thinking that I have social media on there today. Actually, I don’t have a lot of time on a Wednesday for such things usually anyway. Although today I finished an hour earlier than normal (scheduled, not skived!) so that’s an extra hour at home.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed so far is that I’m procrastinating a lot less. Things like the washing up are getting done before the food is stuck to the plate, which in turn is meaning it’s actually taking me less time. I spent 10mins sat in my garden, hoping to get some photos of the birds. Alas, it wasn’t to be. But I took a photo of a leaf instead. It was very green.


Ironically, now I’m sat here typing, less than 5 minutes, a blackbird has just hopped along the ground. But who wants a photo of a blackbird anyways?

Other gems? I’m not really missing Facebook. Not really and not half as much as I’m missing Twitter, which is where I do the majority of my TV talk. Tuesday night is a good night for TV (Holby City!) and there’s some big storylines in Neighbours at the moment which I feel like I should be tweeting about! But I have stayed strong. I even deleted an email from Twitter earlier giving ‘highlights’ from my twitterfeed without reading it. Why am I subscribed to such things?? They’re just cluttering up my, already overcrowded, inbox. I think a realignment of settings will be in need when this is over. Other Social Media platforms aren’t really an issue – Instagram, Tumblr, whatsapp etc aren’t really my cup of tea. I’m also temporarily off discussion forums for the time being, only because my initial fear was that I’d just procrastinate from one type of social media to something similar.

Now, this could be the weather and all but I am feeling calmer, and I do genuinely feel like I have all the time in the world to do what I need to do. But I can’t work out if that’s just because it’s been a good day generally, or what. If that feeling sticks around when it’s raining then we’ll know that it’s because I’m away from those apps.

Tomorrow is a day off (I had one of those yesterday too!) so will be a bit more of a test as I haven’t made any plans to do anything other than clean the house (my house that is slowly becoming spotless). If anyone reads this and is free tomorrow do feel free to come round!


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