Everything You Do Is Right Day

Every Wednesday is the same. Infact, every Tuesday night is the same “urgh, it’s Wednesday tomorrow”. My Wednesdays, as alluded to in my previous post, are always busy. They always start at 5am with 5 alarms and several snoozes and then it is one continuous stream of things to do until the moment I get home at about 9pm. I dread them. I moan about them constantly.

The radio has informed me that today is ‘Everything You Do Is Right Day’, is it trending on Social Media? #IHaveNoIdea #SurelyItMustBe (Sorry, I’ve missed hashtagging in my life.)

First off – SIGHHH another made up day. My assumption is that its purpose must be to bring some positivity to the day, which I am fully on board with, even if all these made up days do get on my nerves.

So, a positive day! Have you noticed our ‘default’ setting sometimes can be negativity? I know it’s mine. The assumption something is going to go wrong, or the assumption that something isn’t going to be good enough. Today is the day, it would seem, to put all that to one side. To decide to be positive.

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There’s a lot to be said for self-fulfilling prophecy, I think. Hence me telling you about Wednesdays. I see myself doing it. From about 6pm on Tuesday I’m already gearing myself up for this MegaDay on a Wednesday. AND WOE be upon anyone who tries to arrange anything additional for me to do a Wednesday. It’s just not happening.

So if all that todays #EverythingYouDoIsRight observance can show you is that a bit of positivity goes a long way, then I hope it does just that. And I have no doubt that you will have done something *very* right today. Whether that was help someone out, cheer someone up or cook lunch for your better half (I did that!). And if you haven’t done anything yet today that made you feel good about yourself there’s still time. Or perhaps you just need to look a bit closer.



So, back to Wednesdays. Does my self-fulfilling prophecy on Wednesdays come true? Well sometimes. Sometimes it means it takes me longer to ‘warm-up’ into the day. If I just started in a good mood, it wouldn’t take me 4 hours to get to a point where I’m less than miserable. But do you know something great I realise at 9pm Wednesday evening?

That it’s the most fulfilling day of my week, the one with the most purpose and with the least waste of time. And that’s a positive I need to take into next Tuesday evening, when I’m already dreading a Wednesday!



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