Day 9 Social Media Detox – how long is this lasting?

Day 9 and Social Media is almost totally forgotten (except Twitter, I just can’t forget him so easily). There’s been a few instances where there has been something I’ve missed because it’s *only* been on Social Media. Even my Nan yesterday had some Facebook news “I suppose you haven’t seen it because you’re not on the Facebook”. But I’m not too worried because I know I’ll catch up on the important things on my return.

I’ve had a few people now say “so how long is this actually lasting?” and I’ve sort of avoided giving an answer. But I do have one. I’m saying it’s lasting 30 days (so, that’s a return on 11th April) which will be an avoidance of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc however I plan making a return to discussion forums after tomorrow (10 days) and see how that goes for me. I’m quite desperate not to procrastinate through the rest of my 30 days and the concern was that I’d just hop form one habit to another.

A huge thank you if you’re reading this and you’ve gone to the effort of maintaining contact with me via Email, text, or in one case SNAIL MAIL. So much excitement and love for a physical letter arriving on my doorstep.

On the subject of letter writing, this morning I’ve been sorting through some old boxes that just came with us when we moved without me sorting them at the time. Today I’ve revisited my 18th birthday, 21st brithday, moving into my first home and my engagement as well as any letters or personal cards written to me since bout 2008. I also found the poe that my husband wrote me when he proposed. Happy sigh. It’s been a nostaligic morning and I can’t believe how much seems to have changed since those days! Add this to meeting up with a friend yesterday that I met when at sixth form and I feel like I could be going back to being 18 again! I also can’t beleve that is 9 years ago now. Where is the time going?!

Anyway, signing out. Thanks for all those staying in touch or reading the blog. It’s great to know that when it isn’t ‘easy’ to stay in touch that the iportant people make the effort.


4 thoughts on “Day 9 Social Media Detox – how long is this lasting?

  1. I’m reading!! 😀

    I still have my cards from my 18th, 21st and wedding (and silver anniversary) – probably others in the loft too – and a box of birth congratulation cards!

    Yay @ the snail mail! I’m hoping to get a letter soon too! *g*

    I have enjoyed our texts, but I do miss you online. Holby tonight – be sure to text me if the Giant Swede does/says something funny – as he’s sure to. He’s my favourite character! ❤


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