Dear Younger Self…

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27?! I’m really scared now! Surely it isn’t just me who doesn’t yet feel like an adult? Like I’m just muddling through life and crossing my fingers and hoping for the best? Tell me it isn’t just me, please?!

Having now turned 27, I am obviously wise and knowledgable about all things…

Hmm. Perhaps not! But birthdays do always make me look back and so here’s 10 things I would tell my younger, childhood, teenage and young-adult self, if I could:


  1. It’s all going to turn out good. Yes, it’s going to be rubbish at times, and there’ll be pain and hurt in your life. But it’s all going to be fine, because you’re so much more resilient than you ever realised.
  2. School’s going to end and things are going to be so much better. You’re not made for school, but you don’t realise it yet. You get on and generally fly under the radar but you’ll be much better once you’re out of it and out of expectations of it. You think this is you and who you are, but it turns out you do much better without the suffocation. This will be the most unhappy and confused you’ll ever be about who you are and what comes next. It’s all up from when you leave (although it’ll take a while), even though it feels scary to be out in the ‘real world’.
  3. Be kind, whenever you have the opportunity. It’s your thing, to surprise someone with a sympathetic ear or an encouraging word. It’ll make your soul smile.
  4. Being quiet is not a bad quality to have – infact it’ll become something about you that you’ll realise makes you a better person. You’ll spend your whole first 20 years with people telling you to talk more, be louder, get involved as if you’re not part of something you should be. It’ll take a while to realise that what you actually need is a bit of self-confidence, not a change in personality.
  5. You’ll find friendships in unexpected places. Friends will come and go, mainly go, but the real ones will be the ones that always remain in the background quietly going about their lives and dipping in and out of your life and you dipping in and out of theirs. Don’t chase after those that don’t have time for you, just be there if they come back.
  6. Don’t worry about finding ‘the one’, he’s not far off and he’s going to think you’re the best (but do pick up your dirty mugs, because that is not going to go down well).
  7. Listen. Listen all the time because you’ll realise this is what people most want from you, and you do it quite well.
  8. Faith will be like a rollercoaster fairground ride that you don’t get off. You’ll work hard and feel on top of the world, and then it’ll dip and you’ll go through dark tunnels and be confused. But there’s always light at the end of those times. And when you’ve got the choice to remain on the ride or get off, you will always stay on because it’s the best thing and most beautiful thing you have. And it’ll keep you sane, grounded and positive.
  9. Give hugs. They’re magical. Never be told otherwise by anyone.
  10. Have courage, be brave and do what you want. Be you, knowing that you are exceptional and have so much to give. Don’t hide away. You won’t be everyones cup of tea but those who matter most will love you and stick with you.


I may still need to work on number 10!

Have you thought about what you would tell your younger self?


4 thoughts on “Dear Younger Self…

  1. What a fab list! And don’t worry, I haven’t got the whole 27 thing figured out either – how are we closer to 30 than 20?! (miss you by the way!)

  2. I was 50 last year! I still can’t believe it – I don’t even feel 30, let alone 50! I guess it all comes down to attitude. I look at my children (they’re adults now!) and think wow – how can I be old enough to have adult children? They are a blessing and a joy to me so that’s good.

    Some very wise observations, Mrs Cloggy xxx

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