19 days without social media

I’m steam-rollering through my 30 days without Social Media fairly quickly now. Now being back at work my blogging has taken a bit of a hit (apologies about that!) but, really, I’m now so far out of the loop with Facebook/Twitter that it barely crosses my mind.

There are a few moments where I think about sharing information, and I know I’m probably missing some odd information about peoples lives that I’m sure I’d like to know, but on the whole it’s just not a problem.

I am missing some of the easy contact with people – Facebook messenger for example which acts as an easy messaging system between me and several friends.

The scrolling urge has totally passed now. No need to scroll aimlessly through timelines and newsfeeds.

My phone is so quiet. I’ve even put the volume on, because just a couple of texts a day and the usual emails (which I need a real cleanse of!) isn’t going to frustrate me with the notification and pinging. I’m definitely going to be reconsidering my notification settings when I switch back on, so that I don’t get that constant interrruption.

Productivity is still higher than normal, possibly because when I start a job I’m not as interrupted, or I start a job sooner and don’t procrastinate quite as much.

Also, I took some nice photos this week whilst outside 🙂


Hope to see you all soon (in approximately 11 days!)


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