Day 25 of Social Media Detox

5 Days left of this social media break/hiatus/detox (I still haven’t really settled on a name for it yet) and I’m beginning to feel excited to get back, but with some perspective on how much time I was wasting and how much was I really interested ine veryone elses lives. There are a few things I want to take back to me from this detox:

  1. All things in moderation. You know, like chocolate. It’s yummy, but too much of it and it’s not going to do you much good and make you feel yuck. I think social media is the same, too much and you’re gonna feel all yucky.
  2. Don’t forget reality. There’s a whole world above your iPhone when you look up from it. Whether that’s travelling and looking at the scenery around you, or meeting someones eye instead of burying your head. Look up!
  3. Save the important stuff for those that matter. I haven’t shared some things that I might naturally share on Facebook or Twitter. But, in the main, I’ve shared them with people that might actually care. Random thoughts with my husband, TV talk with my TV buddies, actually asking someone one on one how they are or telling someone that actually cares that my head/back/leg/stomach hurts (everyone loves a moaner!) and not telling the world. They give me more of their attention because it’s actually not out there for everyone to respond to. And that’s nice, and that sort of communication actually matters more than a ‘thumbs up’.
  4. Social media keeps me in the loop. I am so far out of the loop now that I don’t really care, but I have missed some news/events both personally and wider afield. So, yeah, I definitely need social media in my life to keep uptodate.
  5. De-clutter. I’m not feeling the need to delete everyone off my social media pages, but there are some people that, realistically, I don’t need to follow. Not so much on Facebook, but on the wider social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram etc). I need a bit of a spring clean. Also, I need a spring clean on my notification settings. I’ve loved the quietness of my phone and not seeing those little red dots (apart from next to App Store for any updates required – they’ve still plagued me). So, I’m thinking about stepping back into social media but without the notifications. Then my visits are intentional.


In the last 2 days I’ve ‘switched on’ (so to speak) Instagram, Tumblr and Whatsapp. These are  apps that I have never had a real problem with because they don’t really interest me all that much from an aimless scrolling point of view. It’s been nice to sit on the outside of social media and catchup with a few people. So if you see me around, be sure to say hi. Facebook Messenger is also going ‘on’ today, as really, it’s an extension of a text message service and I am so happy with how I’ve done and how far I’ve come that I don’t really feel that I need to detox any more. But for the sake of reaching the end Twitter and Facebook will remain off for the full 30 days.

Hope you have enjoyed the peace and quiet from my corner of the internet. I’m well aware that I have blogged less over the last couple of weeks too (sorry!). Partly because I’ve had a lot on at work and partly because if I can’t say anything interesting, then why say anything at all?

See you all very soon!


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