Things I Love: TV

I realise that I could get some stick for this. Have you noticed that it’s somewhat frowned upon to state that “TV” as a hobby? Well, I’m going to do it here for you, because TV has a lot to offer, and I love it.

TV gets a bit of a bad reputation. Sitting down and watching TV is very much a ‘lazy mans’ game. It’s not really seen as a positive hobby. Listening to music is perfectly acceptable, or going to see a film or going to the theatre. And yet, when it comes to TV, it doesn’t have the same feelings attached to it. If you’re watching TV you’re missing out on everything ‘out there’, and although, of course, there’s always a balance needed (as with any hobby) I feel it doesn’t really get the credit it deserves.

TV sparks the imagination, and gives you insight into things you may never have seen otherwise (documentaries). It can be informative (current affairs), educational (quiz shows) or just absolutely spectacularly entertaining. There’s no doubt that if you find yourself in the midst of an excellent drama it can be all consuming for that one hour a week. TV also gives you a common ground with a lot of people, a spring board into more conversations.

It might also spark your interest in something else. How many people, do you think, have read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice after seeing the BBC’s adaptation (and Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy) of it?

TV that I love spreads across a lot of categories, but my main love lies with dramas. Usually crime related, but not always. Broadchurch, DCI Banks, Unforgotten are just a few that I’ve really enjoyed recently and have showcased some incredibly talented actors and actresses. It’s an all consuming world of figuring out ‘whodunnit’ whilst also connecting emotionally with the characters on screen – and I love getting lost in it.

I also have a love for continuing drama (Holby City/Casualty) and a certain soap (Sing it: ‘Everbody needs good…’) because that’s where my loyalties lie with the characters and attachments form, built on years of commitment! And for shows to produce quality TV viewing all year round is absolutely worth recognition, and it’s a shame if they get brushed under the carpet and everyone is missing the incredible pool of talent these actors and actressed have (as well as those involved in the storylining/scripting and production of such shows with such a high turnover of episodes).

TV has led me to ‘meet’ lots of lovely and wonderful people online and then ‘in reality’. And no doubt some of them are reading this because they’ll have seen the word ‘TV’ in a blog post and got all excited like I would do. And I’m very grateful for that part of it as well, and my life is much better for the lovely people I’ve come across over the years. And that shamelessly leads me into a bit of an encouragement to check out this website, which is run by one of my online buddies that I met through our shared love of TV. Visit her site and make sure you check out the ‘Break a Leg Awards 2017’ and add your favourites to the long list for the year (you can do that via @BreakALegReview on Twitter) to be in with a chance of an award.

So what’s your favourite type of TV? Favourite show overall? Do you have a show that it makes no sense for you to enjoy? Mine is Supernanny, it makes no sense for me to like it or watch it – but I have always enjoyed seeing how Jo Frost goes into chaos and brings order, in a way that gets the job done but with kindness and authority. There we go, I bet that’s not a show you would have picked for me, even those that know me well!

So next time someone says to you ‘oh I just watched TV’ I hope it gets a bit more of the credit it deserves 🙂


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