Oh, hey May!

Whoa guys, where did that April go?! April’s been a pretty good month for me and I thought I’d give myself a bit of a roundup of it. Starting with the fact that I started a journal, so I can now look back on what happened in the month – hooray!

My hope in starting a journal was somewhere to put everything together, instead of having a diary and various bits of paper and relying on my memory to remember the stuff I have to do. I also wanted one to be able to track what I’ve done and anything else that interests me. So, without further ado, here’s what April looked like:

Verse of the Month ~ I decided at the start of each month to pick a Bible verse that would over-arch the month and I’d attempt to remember revisit it every time I opened my notebook. April’s verse I chose was Galatians 6:10 “Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone.”


Happy moments ~ When something especially nice happened (however small) I’ve jotted it down. This months moments were: Recognition and appreciation for hard work; Seeing my cousin; The boiler is fixed!; Thinking about all the things I love; Lunch out with James; First run of the year; Easter egg hunt with the inlaws; The perfect shower; God hitting me over the head with his Word; Early and productive mornings; When a plan comes together (that sounds far more evil than it should!); My lovely, comfy and amazing bed after a long day.

Task tracking ~ I tracked a few things that I wanted to know how well I was doing on. Here’s how I got on (30 days in April, for reference!). Blog posts published: 10 ; More than 6 hours sleep: 22 ; Read something from the Bible: 26 ; Spent more than 15mins tidying up: 15 ;  Made an effort to contact someone I’m not in regular touch with: 10

Dream Log ~ Possibly the favourite thing I’ve done. When I’ve remembered a dream I’ve written a quick sentence about it and how it made me feel. I think this is definitely one of those things you have to really think about because our brains, most of the time, just disregard our dreams as unimportant. There’s no doubt I missed quite a few because I simply forgot, but here’s what I had:

Took part in a play on stage ~ Couldn’t remember the emotion for this one. Probably awful!

Had to read aloud a long poem on a beach, but I couldn’t see it properly and the tide was coming in nearer and nearer ~ Terrified!

Owned a cafe and gave out free muffins ~ Happy 🙂 Although I’ve forgotten all about this dream until just now!

One of those hideous dreams where you’re naked ~ Eurgh!

Time of the month ~ No emotion here, but I dreamt it the day before, so thank you body for warning me. I’m very impressed.

Had to perform a song on stage infront of a room full of people. I didn’t know the words and the CD player broke ~ panicked

Got a job as a teacher and liked it ~ proud

That was it for April’s dreams. Most of them are ‘bad’ dreams, not so much the nightmarish kind, but certainly ones that play on things that make me nervous. I’m guessing that’s the way of my brain dealing with stuff I don’t like. I found keeping a log pretty fascinating, and I’ll definitely keep doing that and hopefully get better at recalling them.

Returned to Social Media ~ So, on the 11th April the biggest thing that happened was that I returned to social media after 30 days away. This is a challenge I’d 100% recommend doing to anyone and was really worthwhile. You can read how I got on here. Once returning I came up with a few ‘tasks’ for myself which I’m still looking to complete/grow on and I’ll let you know when I think I’ve managed it! I am definitely spending less time on social media now, afterwards and I’m also enjoying it a lot more. I’ve absolutely stopped pointlessly scrolling, especially through Facebook. So I’m really pleased with that.

Running ~ I started running in the last couple of weeks, using the C25k app. I’m not going to blow this out of proportion because I know that, at just under 2 weeks in, it’s all quite easy at the moment. But, fingers crossed that my motivation continues and I’m hoping that if I do a ‘May’ round up I’ll be telling you that I’m nearly at the end of the C25k programme 😀

So, I shall leave you with a couple of quotes that I stumbled across this month that I liked. Thanks for reading 🙂

“Be prepared, work hard and hope for a little luck. Recognise that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have.” – Ed Bradley

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham.


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