Hey June

After a quiet month on the blog, I thought I’d continue from last month and jot down what I’ve been upto and what’s been going on in the quiet month of May. Heads-up, the majority of this month has just been working as I have plenty going on in June, so thought I’d better get my head down!

Monthly Verse ~ As I said last month, I try and pick a Bible verse that I return to

throughout the month to focus on. This month was Proverbs 3:5-6.


A BIG verse, which is easier to say than to actually put into action.

Happy moments ~ A selection from the list of things that happened in the month that made me smile: Being motivated to run; time spent taking photos; Blue hair; coffee and chats; JANET’S OUTSIDE!; TV review writing; sorting the garden; the weather; Turkish food is yum!

I’m glad I keep a note of these things because I quickly forget what’s happened in a month, and it’s lovely to get to the end of it and see what has happened and gone on 🙂


Look who I found 😀

Task tracking ~ I mixed up the tasks that I tracked this month, and to be honest they didn’t really work out all that well and I was bad at keeping up with them, however out of the 31 days in May I: Was up by 9am on 24 days (and you all thought I was lazy, I’m very proud of that, especially given that I work all sort of hours) Was in bed by 11pm on 10 days (not so proud of that one) and blogged 4 times (terrible effort).

In with task tracking this month I took a note of sleep (because who doesn’t love sleep), the most sleep I got was 10 hours on 17th – 18th May. The least amount of sleep I got was 4 hours on the 16th – 17th May (that explains the 10 hours then!)

About Today ~ I tasked myself to write one sentence each day about my day, which turns out to be an excellent way of revisiting what happened when. And although most days not much happened, I can see a few stand-out days to share with you:

5th May – Went to see Northanger Abbey at the theatre.

10th May – Went for a walk on a chilly evening and got some lovely moon shots (you can see them at the end of this post)

18th May – best day ever! Met up with Nicky, but saw Janet out of the window in Costa (I don’t think anyone will truly understand how amazing this was!)

19th May – Dyed my hair blue for Forget-Me-Not-Friday (Dementia Awareness) at work (and wore the best t-shirt in the world)


23rd May – The largest spider I have ever seen (quite literally the size of a dinner plate) paid us a visit.

25th May – Spent the afternoon in Orford and my guest blog for Break a Leg was published.

Running ~ I’m still going! Having just completed week 6 this morning. If I continue at my current pace I shall complete the programme on the 22nd June (handy as I we go away just afterwards), so if I complete a June round-up I should be boasting of having completed the C25k plan! I’ll be blogging at the end of each week of runs (so Week 6 blog is imminent) so you can keep up with my progress here if interested, or if you’re doing the plan yourself.

Finally, I’ll leave you with my moon shots from earlier in the month. Thanks for reading 😀


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