C25k: Week 6

3700 steps.

3700 steps in my 25min run this week. And I felt every single one of them.

They do say that you’ll have that one run (or runs) where you wonder what on earth your doing, why your doing it and what the point of coninuing is. Week 6 Day 3 was my run for that.

The feeling began during my 5 minute warm up walk, where I had a stitch (yes a stitch, on a walk after a glass of water…) so I knew I wasn’t in for a fun time. Fortunately, by the time I started running it had subsided through all sorts of weird and wonderful attempts at alleviating it. The NHS choices C25k app suggests breathing in whilst pushing your stomach out. Have you tried that? It’s ridiculously difficult and you feel stupid. Try it now, I dare you. It seemed to work though, so I’ll definitely hold on to that tip for the future.

Once I’d started my 25min run, the usual first 5 minutes dragged as all I could think about was how far I had to go. This is quite normal for me during all the plans, to overthink what I’m doing, how fast I’m going, what route I’m doing, and how long until the plan ends. Unfortunately, whereas I usually distract myself and drift into some sort of mind blanking exercise, this time I didn’t and what followed was 20 minutes of constant time checking (to the point where I’m thinking of removing my watch next run – but I do love checking my stats after), heaving breathing and spending every other step wishing the run to end. The consequence of this was that I stopped at 17minutes and did a one minute walk, which I am disappointed about as I know that I can run 20mins without stopping. But on this day my mind wasn’t playing the game with my body and the break was very welcomed. The plan now continues with 3 more 25min runs for the next week, so I’m hoping that I’ll see through to the end all 3 of them, if not I may return to the week 6 interval plans for a bit and see how I go.

In contrast Days 1 and 2 of the plan went very well. Day 1 was a 5min run/3min walk/8min run/3min walk/5min run which was a generally nice plan. It was at this point that I realised that my fitness has really increased because the 3min walks were proving to be ample time to recover from the runs and a 5min run wasn’t very taxing at all. Day 2 was 10 min run/3 min walk/10min run which again was quite comfortable for me. Perhaps this is why I went into false hope into Day 3, as I managed Days 1 and 2 with no problems at all.

Anyway, we’ll see what Week 7 has in store and if I can crack the 25min runs. I can’t believe how quickly the plan seems to be going and how noticeable the improvement in my fitness is (especially recovery after runs, which hardly seems to take any time at all anymore). I’ve set myself a challenge of trying to run 25miles this month over the course of the plans, which should be do-able if I complete all runs left in the C25k plan in a timely fashion. If I’m able to stick to the plan without repeating any areas then I’m due to complete on 22nd June with a 5k run in, hopefully, 30 mins.

Thanks for reading, race you all to next week! 🙂


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