Hi July!

Another quiet month on the blog – whoops, sorry about that! I made the absolute biggest of all no no’s and over promised and under-delivered. It should always be the other way around, so I’ll set no expectations for this month and hopefully I won’t let myself down!

I was so looking forward to June because I had plenty of plans and lots going on, so it’s not a surprise that it flew past in a flash!

Monthly Verse ~ Your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light on my path. Psalm 119:105



I’ve been trying to read my way through Psalms, and this well known verse jumped out at me as I endeavour to make more time for God and the Bible in my life. I know I feel better and more grounded when I spend some time reading the Bible, so why can it feel so difficult? That’s why this was my verse to focus on in June, reminding me what I want to be focusing myself on.


Happy moments ~ There are fewer this month, not because I had a sad month, but because I was so busy having lots of wonderful and happy moments that I didn’t quite jot them all down quickly enough! Completed a 25min run; Camping with Cubs; Campfires; Friendship; Sleeping for a solid 10 hours; Postcard; Really sunny days; Annual leave; Climbing Snowdon

Task Tracking ~ 30 days in June. Up before 9am – 28 times (I KNOW, WOW!), blog – 3 times, Run – 5 times, Read Bible – 12 times, Bed by 11pm – 17.

There’s lots of improvement to be had there. My least amount of sleep was 5 hours on 10th June (hello Cub Camp!) and the most amount of sleep was 10 hours on the 12th June (again, hello post-cub camp!)

About Today ~ I started this last month to remind myself of what was happening each day (essentially a very short diary!), but I had so much stuff this month that took up chunks of time it lost it’s way a little. So here’s a quick summary.

3rd June – Second Guest Blog for Break A Leg was written.

9th-11th – Cub Camp šŸ˜€ The best thing about being a Cub leader is Cub camp. Yes it’s exhausting, a bit stressful and a big drain on the sleep but it is fantastic fun and a lovely way to spend a weekend getting to know the Cub Scouts more and have some adventure! It also is wonderful to spend time with our leadership team, who are all fantastic human beings.

17th June – went to the bride to be’s dress fitting and spend the afternoon/evening with Sarah, one of my most favourite people and her family.

24th June – Wedding day! Not mine, but a friends. Was honoured to be their bridesmaid (even if I did have to wear a dress) and very glad I went to the dress fitting or else I’d have been clueless on how to lace up a wedding dress!

26th June – Climbed Snowdon. I’m so proud of us for doing this, but also so shocked at how unfit we are!

Running ~ It’s still happening, but progress has slowed somewhat! And I owe the blog a review of Zombie’s Run, the app I’m now using. I never quite made my 5k target, but I’m not too far off being able to do it (infact I think I probably could, but just need to make myself accountable for it. This month is 5k month, ok? You’re responsible now for making me go). So, keep your eyes peeled for Zombie Run post and a celebratory 5k post!

Thanks for catching up with me. Hopefully there’ll be some more posts in July for you!


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