Made it to 5k!

Today was the day.

I knew it would be a good day when I dropped a bottle of wine earlier from shoulder height onto a hard floor and it didn’t smash. Luck was on my side.

So, when I decided on the spare of the moment to go for a run today it was with the intention of ‘now or never’. I knew a route that was roughly 5k (or 3 miles if you prefer) which simply required me to make a decision after about a mile in – do I keep going? Or do my usual shorter route?

For whatever reason today I kept going. And it wasn’t because I was feeling good. On the contrary, I felt pretty bad and the muggy air was unhelpful.

I have run 5k before, a number of years ago, but I still consider this a massive success for where I am right now in life (i.e. I’ve actually had to put precious time aside to get fit – outrageous!).

Those that have followed me for a while will know that this started with the NHS Choices Couch to 5k app, and I didn’t actually say that my aim was 5k until a few weeks in (because I have a tendency to go all out for something for a short while and then become disinterested quickly). At week 7 I completed the 25min runs and decided I needed a new adventure, and so downloaded the Zombies Run app. My running dropped off for a while after then, and I do wonder if I’d continued with Couch to 5k I might have got there more quickly. But life happened and the running didn’t.

But today it did happen. So if it’s running you’re doing, or something else you’re working towards that seems like a long slog – just keep going. Definitely slow and steady wins the race (I won’t be breaking any records any time soon!) but it feels wonderful to have achieved an aim!

Now to get to a 30min 5k before moving on to the next challenge….!


2 thoughts on “Made it to 5k!

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