Zombies Run!

I’ve never been a fan of helicopters, but ever since mine was shot out of the sky into a world that is overcome by hoards of the undead, I have a real dislike of them. Thinking I was doing the world a favour by swopping in with supplies on my chopper, it was a bit of a shock to be unexpectedly blown out of the sky – as I’m sure you can quite imagine. By some stroke of luck I found myself guided via radio link by those who are currently battling to survive in this undead world. They guided me through the deserted lands and past the swarms of Zombies that wished to eat my brains. And now they’ve decided I run sufficiently well enough that I could be of use to the town gathering supplies and creating diversions, in exchange for the safety of Abel Township – the only sanctuary from the undead world. Things aren’t looking great though, and the more I learn about this land, the more I realise we are all doomed.


OK. So none of that actually happened. Unless, of course, you’ve downloaded and used the Zombies Run app by Six to Start available in the App Store and for Android. This app combines the usual features of a running app (recording pace, distance and all the usual stats using GPS) with the wonderful art of storytelling. And let me tell you – it’s good! I’m not one into Zombie films or anything like that, so I approached the app somewhat reluctantly thinking it’d fail to capture my imagination. I was wrong. It does capture my imagination, and in turn I manage to escape capture of the Zombies.

So, how does it work? Well the story is independent of your run, so in theory you could sit at home and listen to it on the sofa – although I can’t imagine that’d be very effective. But it does mean you can run/walk at your own pace and the story will progress just the same.

Each mission (so far for me anyway) lasts approximately 30 minutes and continues you on your story, where you have landed in Abel Township and are attempting to survive the Zombie Apocolypse. You have the option to turn on ‘chases’ which requires you to up your pace for a short time whilst being chased by Zombies. Don’t worry though, if you get caught you just lose any supplies you’ve picked up in the mission, you don’t die or turn into a Zombie. Or you can just turn chases off.

Completing missions and collecting supplies means you can improve your base camp, which is a typical setup of a lot of gaming apps (collect things and spend it on improving something). I’m not really into that so I haven’t played around with my base camp as yet.

If you don’t complete a mission (perhaps you weren’t going on a 30min run today) the app just pauses the story and you pick up for next time. Equally, if you want to run further then after each mission you tune in to Radio Abel. Which, in itself is entertaining enough without your surrounding missions. Naturally, you can listen to your own music or podcasts for the majority of the time, the volume just dips for the app to cut in to give you updates. Any Radio Abel runs also allow you to collect supplies for your Base Camp if you don’t feel like completing a mission.

This app definitely adds some entertainment and distraction to runs and so if that’s what you’re looking for I would absolutely recommend it. There’s also the option of training plans, which I haven’t tried as yet as they are for improving your 5k/10k/half marathon, so there’s lots of uses for it for all abilities. I can absolutely see myself getting into those training plans in the future though.

Anyway, if you excuse me, I have a hoard of Zombies banging at the window and I really need to get out there and collect some much needed supplies.

Ahhh! Zombies, run!


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