Bye 2017!


Where have I been? Where did I go? Blogging in 2017 was going so well…

Well friends – hi! First, sorry for the silence. If I was to stick to a hobby consistently for more than 6 months then that would be the true indication that something was wrong! But I did miss this little corner of the internet.

In truth, it’s simply been a busy few months – but with nothing exciting to share with you all. I have been getting stressed and worried about a few things and I didn’t want to bring that into this space, so the blog went off for a short while. And although not a great deal has changed I did want to make sure I saw out 2017 with a short post.

THANK YOU to everyone that has kept up with this blog over the year. I enjoy writing, but if someone reads it that’s just a bonus really – so thank you so much. This has been the most blogged year for me, with this being the 33rd blog in the bag, not including the opportunity I had to blog for Break A Leg earlier on in the year. Being given the opportunity to blog for someone elses website is a true honour that I am very grateful for.

Climbing Snowdon has definitely been one of the best but most exhausting things of the year and an experience I won’t forget (still getting over that beautiful view!). Hubby is already asking which mountain are we going up this year. I’ll be honest – I’m not sure if my knees will manage another one! Twinning this with the opportunity to be a bridesmaid for a friend made for an all-round excellent start to the summer.

Another highlight (also at the beginning of summer) was working towards improving my fitness and managing to complete a 5k run using the majority of the C25k training plan. My only regret is that I didn’t keep going, but perhaps that’s one for next year and you might see a 10k out of me. Nonetheless, running an organised race this year would be fantastic, and joining Park Run perhaps for those Saturday’s when I’m not at work.

The challenge I set myself earlier in the year was Going a Month Without Social Media . This was fantastic, and I’d recommend it to anyone who spends a prolonged amount of time scrolling. But did it dramatically alter my life? Well, no. But I don’t have those little annoying red bubbles anymore on any of my social media apps, and beyond Facebook Messenger and emails I have no notifications from my apps either so that I don’t find myself accidentally falling into Social Media. 30 day challenges are definitely something I want to do more of, and I’m hoping to do more of them in 2018 – both removing things and trying new things for a month. If you have any you think would do me good let me know, I’d love some ideas!

Anyway, as I said, thank you for reading along this year. I hope you all had a lovely Christmastime whatever you got upto and I wish all a very happy New Year 🙂



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