First ParkRun

This week I took part in my first ever ParkRun, and I wanted to share with you all about it.

First off if you haven’t heard of ParkRun it’s a free timed event, 5k in distance that takes place across the UK and beyond. You can find out more about it here. Or visit my How to ParkRun post.

I signed up for ParkRun a while ago, knowing that I couldn’t make a run for a while due to work commitments. But I did know that at the next opportunity I’d give it a go. Those that have been around a while on here will know that I did manage to work through the majority of Couch to 5k last year and did make it to that all important 5k. However, beyond that, motivation waned and I hadn’t done any running since about July/August. So I knew, on Saturday, 5k (or 3 miles if you prefer) was a big ask. Although a fairly manageable distance, even for the unfit, it’s further than you’re going to find comfortable on no exercise. Especially at a degree over freezing – brr!

Despite the temperature, it didn’t stop a turn out of almost 350 people. 350 people decided it was a good idea to go for a run on a day a degree above freezing. I know. Mad.

I set myself a comfortable target of finishing, and bonus points if I could do so within 40 minutes, which my husband deemed to be a very generous target. But I was realistic about my fitness, and anything quicker would be impressive for me.

I’d say my comfortablity limit was reached at abut 3k, just over half way. At that point I was ready to call it done and I was definitely lagging and my husband ‘couldn’t run any slower’. By 4k I’d ‘stopped’ for a power walk, which I wish I hadn’t – do you know how hard it is to restart after an unplanned walk? All I could think about was the next time I could walk. Which was probably about 1/2k from the end, by the way.

I’m using this experience as a baseline, things can only get better and I’m hoping the next time I take part it’ll be with a quicker time and a more comfortable run.


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